Social media to do list

You just started a business and of course some of the first advice you will get is to jump on Social Media. I would love to say, that its’ as easy as that. Jump on and the business will grow. Unfortunately that is not the case, so I thought I would share some of the best tips to help you get started or revamp your social media accounts.

  1. Social Media is not an overnight mastery. It is not simple. If it were there wouldn’t be hundreds of coaches teaching it. Just because you have access to all the platforms, doesn’t mean you should be on all of them. Not true. Choose 1 or 2 platforms you love that your people are on. When you love a platform, you will be consistent. Add others as you go, but focus on a couple when you first get started. The key to all of it is consistency and posting valuable content. No one wants to be sold to, so stop.
  2. No cold messaging. You know as well as I do, that cold messaging someone out of the blue asking them to try your products ends up with a cold response. Yes, you are exited about your new business, but you must also put in the work of building relationships. People buy from those they know, like and trust. Spammy messaging doesn’t end in any of those things.
  3. Go LIVE and announce your new business. It’s exciting. Show off your new adventure. Show how excited you are. Show how much fun you are having. The passion is what will attract people to you, but do not follow it up by immediately requesting sales. Ask your followers to join in your journey. Let them take a peek and follow the story instead of leading with, “buy my stuff.”
  4. VIP Group first. I always tell my team to start with a VIP group. This allows you to private message your friends and family and ask them if they want to be part of an exclusive group where you can share things and keep their feed clean. Yes, you should also have a business page to find new people, but these take some time and consistency to build up traction. You can do that after your launch, once you are organized. Focus on the people you know first and then we can look to branch out and network.
  5. DO NOT just add hundreds of people to your group or events. People do not want a mass invitation. Make them feel special. Yes it takes more time but each person that you feel would love your VIP group should get a private invitation where you can have a one on one conversation.
  6. Create your own graphics. No, you don’t have to be a graphic designer. Use that amazing camera on your phone and snap away. Stealing other consultants photos or marketing flyers does not make you stand out. Document your journey with your own camera.
  7. Don’t spam other consultants pages with questions. Their pages are for customers. If you have business questions, use that awesome tool, called PRIVATE MESSAGE.
  8. Be authentic. Do we still have to say this? Stop copying and pasting. YUCK!
  9. Don’t do the old, “Hey I just sent you a message.” on someone’s timeline. They will answer you when they get a moment. Have patience.
  10. Be Nice. You will shoot your own brand in the foot by ranting, venting, being mean or complaining on the Corporate page. There are channels and places to vent your frustration. Be smart. You are trying to show people they should buy, host or join you in this journey. Doing any of the above, well you can guess won’t happen.

Social Media is an amazing tool when you first start your business. I have grown my business solely using the benefits of it, but we need to be smart and do things the right way. Social is about building relationships and engaging, not shlelping products and looking out for only ourselves.

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