The Secret to Staying Consistent on Social Media

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We have talked about being active on social media with your direct sales business and staying consistent with your postings, and how important it is in order to be  successful. Success on social media is not about how many people follow you or how many “likes” you have. For many, being successful is all about engagement and click-throughs. For some it can be about sales or sponsoring.  Decide what you consider success and start making your plan.

 Your Plan to be Consistent on Social Media

One of the most important parts of social media is being consistent. In order to have your social media be successful, then consistency is how you are going to make that happen.

Participating on social media is NOT about you spamming your business information 24/7 to those who follow you. Participation is about you engaging in “real time” conversations with those who follow you. The majority of your social media messages should be done in live and not pre-scheduled to auto-post. Trust me, users/followers do indeed know the difference.  You should be having back and forth conversations with the people that love your product and service. With that in mind, one of  my main focuses with my team is to always make it clear that it is better to have 10 people you interact with on your Social Media platforms than 10,000 that you never engage with or worse that never revisit your pages.

Consistent Content

Don’t be scattered and all over the place when you share on Social Media. Show what you know and share what your audience will find relevant to their lives. This is key. When your followers can related to you, they become more connected to you. The goal is to be relevant and authentic.  I always tell my team. Create content that does one of the following: make them cry, laugh or inspire them. You need to attract a response from your audience that will draw them in in order to get them to engage with the content you share. Your “Hey this is for sale.” will never do any of the above. Time to change your game plan.

Consistent Posting

Find a balance when posting content. Make sure that you aren’t posting too much of a certain type of content and not enough of another.  To give you an example, posting only about fragrance notes twice a day can cause in balance with everything else you want to share. On my pages, I have three categories. HOME, BUSINESS & BEING. I rotate topics within those three categories which gives me a great balance in the content.  Having a posting schedule ensures that consistency in when you post and what you share. Schedule out each day’s posts for each social media channel and make sure that you stick with it.

Post on social media every day. Organic reach, which is the number of people you reach without paying to boost an advertisement or post, can reach only a certain amount of people. Each time you post is another opportunity to reach your audience. Posting each day with a specific strategy will build the momentum for people coming back to your accounts.

Ways I Stay Consistent On Social Media Platforms

Buy yourself a calendar or use a free online one via your email service. Mark off days and times during the week that you can devote your time to a particular social media network. It can be 15 minutes a day or 1 hour, whatever works for you. Personally, I use google calendar. At the top where the tasks go, I enter daily the following:

1. Instagram Posts. At least one gorgeous photo a day for my feed and on going Instagram stories through out the day every day. (This is my favorite platform)

2. Pinterest Pins: 5 pins that are my originals. 10-25 Repins a day.

3. Post on Facebook: 4-7 Facebook Posts between my Profile, VIP group and Business page. Plus Comments and Responses

4. Twitter tweets, Retweets and Thank you for the follows. 

5. Blog Post at least once a week

6. You Tube Videos at least once a week

If you are involved on numerous social networks, work on one particular one in the morning and another in the evening or just rotate days to make it easier. If you are having a hard time being consistent and keeping up, then cut down your networking efforts and choose one platform that you can be really well.  It’s  better to be proficient at one than none at all. Don’t spread yourself too thin.  After 13 years I now know what I need to complete daily but just starting out, I highly suggest that you start out with one or two platforms and get really good at them. It is better to be consistent on one than barely showing up on four.

What to Post?

Your journey. Share things you have learned as well as tips, ideas and valuable content that people will come back for. Getting a routine together is only half the battle. If your posts are only consisting of things you sell and your desperate attempt to get people to join your team, well you will be very disappointed at the turn out of your engagement and online growth.

While we’re on the topic of consistency, its essential that you remember to be consistent with everything you do on social media in order to have your brand clearly stand out online . Own a color or certain look and feel, and make sure that if someone were to come across your accounts, they would clearly be able to tell that it was you.  How your audience feels about you and your brand should be the same feeling that is portrayed on your profiles. For instance, we can all associate red with the Target right. We know when we see them. We know how we feel. We know what content they will provide. Whether a brick and mortar business or direct sales, yours needs to do the same.

Take the time to make your plan for being consistent and effective on your favorite social media channels and make your mark. It will not happen overnight, but with diligence, it will happen.