Two Tips for Direct Sales Recruiting

Great Tips for Direct Sales Recruiting

Two Tips for Direct Sales Recruiting-When you have a direct sales home business an important part of your income will come from building your own direct sales team. If you build a strong team and train them to have good business skills they will in turn build strong teams which will yield you even more additional income.

When it comes to training your team members on how to recruit new members to add to their own teams, there are two tips for successful direct sales recruiting and things you really need to focus on.

 1. Educate and Train:

Educating all of your team members about how to build relationships and share the opportunity is the first step in teaching them how to recruit and how to add new members to their own teams. They need to understand how to plant the seed and share what an amazing opportunity a Scentsy business is, is the #1 way to get people feeling comfortable even considering the possibility.  Once they understand that they don’t have to sell but encourage what their own business could possibly turn into, the sky is the limit. Encourage one on one training and weekly team training on Facebook Lives or a webinar type format when it comes to building their team.

 2. Coach and Motivate:

You will want to spend time with your team on a regular basis and coach them on how to find prospects, how to talk to prospects and how to “seal” the deal after they are done speaking with a prospect. You coaching them is not a one-time deal. It will need to be done often and regularly to keep their focus and interest on recruiting.

When it comes to motivating your team to go out and to recruit you need to show them how much money they can earn by building a team of their own. Point out to them that this additional stream of income can be used for a variety of ways in their life. Show them the possibilities and have guest consultants share how far they have come by building their own teams.

Building a strong direct sales team is not a difficult process when it is done the right way. Just remember if you are going to build your own team you will need to educate, train, coach and motivate each and every member you recruit to your team. It is not enough to simply sign them up. It is your job to show them the ropes and be there for support when they need it.