Top 13 Google Chrome Extensions I Love For Direct Sales

In this post, I decide to share with you the 13 Google Chrome Extensions that I use religiously for my direct sales business.  You can check them out immediately and become more productive, save time and simply just get things done every day in your business.

I absolutely love Google Chrome extensions. I have been using them for years. Some times they change but others I have been using non stop to help me with the process of creating valuable, visual content quickly and easily. This past year, as I have really focused on staying organized and battling my brain fog, I have payed attention to the top Google Chrome Extensions that I use every single day.  Many make some of my tasks quick and others just help me get more things done in a day.

Marketing online has started to become a key point for most Direct Sellers. Many see it as a time suck and if you don’t you can quickly go down the rabbit hole looking at everyone else’s content. Then what comes next? Fighting the comparison monster as we truly believe we will never be able to be creative or do things like she does. Next thing you know, the day or week has gone and you haven’t planned or created anything online. This causes the crud to be thrown at the wall and we post anything just to get it done. Sound familiar?  Well it needs to change. We need to be strategic. We need to be original and we need to post things of value.

Let’s see if I can help you with a few little tools that will keep you on track and help you feel productive overall.

13 of my Top Google Chrome Extensions for Direct Sales Consultant

Eye Dropper Color Picker – I literally use this extension every single day.  It is no secret that I use Canva for all of my visual content but unfortunately they do not have the color picker inside the software.  With this little tool, you can use the eye dropper to choose any color from any page you are on. When you grab the hex code, you can copy it and then insert it inside Canva to match what you are working on. Its truly an extension I could not live with out. It also saves a palette of a ton of the colors that you have used in the past.  Eye Dropper Color Picker is pretty close to my favorite extension.

Last Pass – This extension came from my IT wiz. He was so sick and tired of me forgetting all of my passwords to everything and trust me, I have a ton, he installed Last Pass on my computer.  I use this extension every day to automatically generate safe passwords. Like many of you, I had probably one or maybe two passwords that I used for everything. Not very safe right?

The Last Pass tool keeps everything in a format where you don’t have to remember them and you can work productively without trying to remember which password you used for which blog or which you tube account. Yup. Life saver for my brain.

Figure It Out – I have team members across many time zones as like many of you. We need to communicate with people all over the world at different times of the day. So of course, its super beneficial to know what time it is where they are compare to me… in a click.

I have used many sites and apps but I really wanted to have an overview, almost like having many clocks at once. With Figure it out, you can add up to 10 time zones that you want to compare and they will show up on your screen. The only problem with this extension is that it is designed to open a new tab and will override anything you are already using. I choose the active tabs that I am using the most to open up. As I said in the beginning, that changes a lot but again if you want a quick overview of times zone so you can see when to have meetings or when to deliver content online, this is my number 1.

Momentum – This by far is one of my Top Google Chrome Extensions. I used it for years when I was a Social Media Strategist at my office and completely forgot about it until a few weeks ago.  The Momentum Extension is GOLD and keeps reminding me every time I open something new of my most important task of the day.  Yes, it turns every new page tab in your personal dashboard.  How important are these items to you? For me, very important. At a glance, momentum posts repeatedly the most important thing I need to complete on any give day. I am quite guilty of opening a hundred new tabs and not finishing what I have started. Momentum will keep you focused on your TOP priority. Other things it lists are your to do items, an inspiring quote, the weather in your area and my favorite part, a gorgeous screen saver location. If you love to travel, seeing these beautiful destinations will be something you look forward to daily.

Boomerang – Boomerang is an awesome addition to your GMAIL account. It allows you to schedule message sending, set up recurring messages and post post emails. If I am following up with someone by email, I like to plan these out in advance especially if it is a customer who I think will want to reorder or a team member who might want one on one coaching. When you use the FREE version, you can schedule up to 10 messages a month. If you want the paid version you will have unlimited messages and a ton of premium features.

Grammarly – Almost everything you use has a built in spell checker, on top of all of those fun grammar police that just live to correct you.  Not everything you use will catch everything. Grammarly will pick up on any spelling errors and of course grammatical issues that will get you attacked by the Grammar police.   I absolutely hated this extension when I first started using it. It appears over your content but the great thing is it corrects things as you type it. If you are looking to truly run a business and look professional then you want your content to be correct.

Save On Facebook – This one is pretty simple but my favorite. If I see an article that I want to share with my Facebook Followers, I can click on this and share the article straight to Facebook. Is this important? Ah YEAH! Considering we all need to be sharing content people will engage with, with the new Facebook algorithm.  Better get use to Save On Facebook.

Giphy – This is probably the extension that makes me laugh the most. GIFS have really become a funny part of my day and a great way to show someone’s personality when communicating online. I think Direct Sellers really struggle with communicating digitally how they speak and GIFS really help in this area. They are highly personalable and engaging especially in blog posts, on Facebook and really any where you are trying to build a relationship with people.  With this Giphy extension, you can simply click and see all the new and trending GIFS. No more searching and no more opening new tabs to find what you need in order to make someone smile during the day.

Later Media – This extension is my go to when I am needing to schedule my content to Instagram. For the most part, I post to Instagram in real time, but if I am going away for a convention or Scentsy Family reunion, I plan my content based on how my Instagram looks using Later Media. This saves me so much time  by bring up the extension and allowing me to right click photos to add to my calendar.

Ookla Speed Test – Going Live and Video is what every direct seller should be focused on in 2018. Luckily I have really great internet and a back up in case one goes down but in this time, it is important to check your internet connection before you go live in your VIP group, your fan page or even during your team webinar. I know I go LIVE weekly in my group and I make sure to check my connect every time. You want to know that you are good to go especially when you are doing any time of training. You run a business. Look professional.  Use the Ookla Speed Test extension.

Wise Stamp – I use this app so I can easily switch my email signatures across my different email platforms depending on what I need. You can also use this extension if you want to change what is at the bottom of your email such as a join promotion or a product promotion, opportunity night or whatever you have going on. A simply click of the Wisestamp extension and you can change your email signature in a minute.

Full Page Screen Capture – I use this extension all the time. If you ever see things online that has visuals or images that you would like to use for inspiration, you can easily capture them for later. I have a folder that I save screen captures to all the time, so that I can go back and create graphics, blog posts or videos. Back to VALUABLE CONTENT again right.  I capture quotes, articles, sales articles, anything that I think has great copy so that I can reference later. I don’t mean copy later. I mean use for a reference to create my own great, one of a kind content. Now you can too.

Loom Screen Caster – I know many people use the Screen Cast o matic website but I recently fell in love with Loom.  Loom is easy and you don’t need to get to another site. You simply download the extension, sign into google and you are on your way. This makes it great for those of you wishing to create videos or record your screens for training.  The only limitation is that it can only be used through Google Chrome but down the road it will be compatible with those browsers, it not already. Loom is free with unlimited recording times.  Check out my video here about Loom and then Try it out for yourself.

There you go!

Well, I could list about 50 more but looking at my tool bar, these are my top Google Chrome Extensions that I use every single day. I often discover a ton of new ones that I try out so I may need to add to this list but for now, I think these ones will really help your business. Do you use any Google Chrome Extensions? Let me know which ones so that I can test them. I’d love to hear. Come chat with me on Instagram.