Using Twitter for Your Direct Sales Business

Using Twitter For Your Direct Sales Business

One of the most frequent questions, I am asked is how to use twitter in your direct sales business. It is a platform that is confusing to consultants. What I see normally are Twitter feeds with nothing but marketing ads about their business.

Consultants do very well using Facebook. They understand it. It is visually pleasing and easy to use. Consultants need to understand that all forms of social media are about relationship building. It is not about a quick sale. Social Media takes time and consistency.

I have heard many times from people, “well she is big on the internet” or “she just sits around and gets internet sales.” I would like to point out that working your business on the internet is no different than working it through home parties, through basket parties, catalog parties or any other way. Some consultants have the misconception that a consultant who choose to use the internet as a way to reach people just sit at home and online orders and recruits come streaming in. Five or Six years ago, you would have found that consultants bought Google ad words to get the top of Google. That still works in some cases but now Social Media is how people want to be connected with. They want to know, like and trust their consultant. They want to build a relationship and to be honest, most of the time internet relationships are way more difficult to nurture and grow.

Fast Growing Teams with Twitter Direct Sales

So yes, being at the top of Google helps but I can assure you that consultants who only bought key words can not and do not keep up with the customers placing orders or people joining their teams. It is impossible to give the proper personal follow up to 150 people placing orders or 25 people joining your team. Now some may say, I wouldn’t care as long as I have that many orders and recruits coming in. Well if you take a look at some consultants with those type of numbers, the promotions do not happen as you would think they would and that is because most of the people that join either go inactive and customers go away because they are not loyal to a particular consultant.

Using Twitter to Build Relationships

Times they are a changing. Ranking on Google is now starting to be about engagement, true blog posts instead of posts stuffed with key words and relationship building. Many of you know Kim Garst has been my mentor for any years. It was at your Social Media conference where I met Gary Vaynerchuck and he  changed everything for me. “Focus on what you have, build that and magic happens.” This is where Twitter and Social Media come in. If you put in the time, if you build relationships, if you get into the lives of the people you recruit and really pull things from their gut, if you really care about them instead of the amount of people on your team, you will see things you never thought possible.

And so this all goes back to how Twitter can work for your Direct Sales Business?

Twitter is a relationship building tool. It is not about what you have to say (as so many make the mistake of) but responding to others and providing content and resources. You need to stop thinking about getting the fast sales or that if you post about joining your team, two minutes later you will check your page and someone will have joined.

I have looked at many consultants pages. I see the same thing repeated over and over again. Consultants have a page because they think they are suppose to. It is continuous posts about their business or no activity at all. From what I hear, most consultants sign up and don’t do anything with their page for months. Twitter is all about sharing content and engaging. If you are new to all this social media hype, I strongly suggest starting with Facebook to build up your network and then you can find most of the people you connect with on Twitter. Twitter is such an amazing tool. You can find so much stuff on Twitter. You just have to know how to do it. People are sharing content at such a fast rate of speed, it seems a little overwhelming to consultants who are just starting to learn how to use it. The entire goal behind sharing good content on Twitter is that the people posting it are hoping they can as well build a business relationship with you.

Ever hear the saying, hang out with like minded people? Well when that happens on Twitter, amazing things happen. Incredible conversations take place with people you would have never met had you not started engaging on Twitter. Since I started actively using my Twitter account, I have come in contact with amazing Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Authors, Speakers, Social Media gurus and more.

So How Do YOU use Twitter?

Well it depends really. If you force your Direct Sales Business, Products, Achievements down the throats of people on Twitter, they will unfollow you in a quick minute. People are very aware of Direct Sales Consultants and Network Marketers. Do searches for people who have posted about things in your niche. You can also search for people tweeting about home business or lost jobs. The incredible thing about Twitter is that people posting is in REAL TIME. They are posting right now. You can start conversations with people who are posting things you are familiar with right this very minute.

There is so much information about running a successful business on Twitter and specifically a Direct Sales Business. Some of my favorites are:






Just to name a few. You should also follow your company and its people working at Home Office.

What is that Hashtag Thingy?

That Hashtag thing is GOLDEN! This is the code that Twitter uses to identify certain topics that people are talking about. For example, I use one with the hasttag #greatlifetips. If you type that in the search area on Twitter, you will find an entire list of quick tips to help with every day life. It is fun. Trying typing in the hashtag with any combo of words you want to see what people are talking about.

Twitter IS an amazing tool to connect with people. There are so many people having conversations at once, sharing information and it really gives us an idea of how we are all connected. By practicing on Twitter and really engaging with people, it is amazing how many doors can open.  So many are just not using Twitter to its full potential.

Try it out. Let us know what you think.