Using Pinterest for your Scentsy Business

Pinterest for you BizEveryone is shouting Pinterest but how do I use it for business? Pinterest can work wonders but you have to create a method to your pinning madness.

Should you use Pinterest for business?

Yes. We’ve used  Pinterest for business for some months now and invite you to follow jilleysue.com and check out our boards. Let us know what you think: You’ll see we created some several Scentsy-specific boards including Scentsy Specials of the Month and many other Social Media boards as well has how to use Scentsy in your home decorating . Many of these boards also share our videos and blog posts and other information on growing your own Scentsy business.

I do include many other boards which show people what my interests are and that interest many people such as organizing and things just for kids.

We plan to create more boards to feature new Scentsy products such as the new Layers by Scentsy personal care line and our Sincerely Scent Online Greeting cards

You’ll have to decide how to best use Pinterest for your own business, but remember to participate in the community and share pins other than those that only sell.

How do you engage customers and sell products?

Just like with any other social media network. Remember, if you plan to use Pinterest for business, do not treat it as a platform to shout your products. You can’t be there to sell the majority of the time. Try the 80-20 rule: 2 out of 10 pins can Pin helpful photos and captivating photos that promote your specials or “sell” your products or services. Just be sure to re-pin photos by others that interest you, follow other pinners and comment on your favorite pins, too. Engage!

Would you like more traffic to your blog?

Of course! And all of your own pins should link back to your blog or your personal Scentsy website. (You can edit the link by hovering over your pin image and clicking the “Edit” button.) Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer recently wrote “How Pinterest Is Becoming the Next Big Thing in Social Media for Business” for Entrepreneur.com and in it notes: Pinterest is “driving more traffic to company websites and blogs than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined.”

Do you have a Pinterest Account? I’d love to hear how you are using it.