5 Ways to Fragrance your Wedding

wedding fragrance

Every aspect of your dream wedding, including the ambiance and atmosphere, must be carefully considered. Over the last 16 months, I have done just that. My ultimate goal was to not only create a special wedding weekend for my fiancé and I, but I wanted to create an event that had our guests at the fore front of every aspect. Fragrance is one area that is a frequently ignored component that can significantly improve the overall guest experience. We definitely wanted to make this part of our special day. The potential of aroma to elicit memories, set a mood, and leave a lasting impression makes it an amazing force. We plan to incorporate fragrance in quite a few ways. To make your wedding a really multimodal celebration of love, let’s take a look at the enchanted world of smell in this blog post and reveal some fun methods to include scent in your wedding.

Select a Special Wedding Fragrance: Just as you carefully choose a trademark perfume for yourself, think about selecting a unique fragrance for your wedding day. Choose a scent that both you and your lover can relate to, one that brings back fond memories or captures the essence of your love story. In the future, whenever you wear this fragrance, it will remind you of your wedding day and forge a lovely and sentimental link.

Scented Invitations and Stationery: Include fragrance in your invitations and stationery to establish the mood for your wedding right away. To please your guests’ senses, think about using scented paper or adding a dash of perfume to the stationery. Before the big day, a romantic and warm atmosphere can be created with the addition of a light flower scent or a hint of lavender.

Beautiful sources of aroma can be found in floral arrangements, which are a crucial component of any wedding. Pick flowers with enticing scents, such peonies, roses, jasmine, or lavender. As you go down the aisle and during the reception, discuss your preferences with your florist to make sure the floral arrangements not only look stunning but also fill the room with a heavenly scent.

Scented Candles and Diffusers: Strategically place scented candles and diffusers throughout your wedding venue to create a cozy and welcoming ambiance. Use candles that have scents that go well with your wedding’s theme or the floral arrangements. To surround your visitors with a lovely smell that improves their overall experience, place them on tables, close to the guestbook, or at the door. Of course, normally we don’t use candles in our home, but when it comes to creating a mood in a huge room for a wedding, candles will play a huge part. We also plan to have white themed Scentsy warmers placed strategically in the ball room with a specific beachy fragrance that people will notice as they walk inside.

Fragrant Favors: By providing fragrant favors, you can leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Think about making tiny sachets with aromatic herbs or dried flowers, personalized candles, or miniature bottles of your wedding fragrance. We also plan to add Scentsy room sprays to our welcome bags and fragrance flowers to our bridesmaid gifts. Along with serving as a lovely keepsake, these thoughtful favors will allow your guests to relive the beautiful moments by adding a hint of fragrance to their homes.

The creation of a signature cocktail that incorporates fragrant garnishes will give your wedding event a distinctive edge. Fresh herbs like mint, rosemary, or basil can give the beverages a wonderful aroma. Consider adding edible flowers like lavender or rose petals for a romantic touch. These fragrant libations will attract your guests’ senses of smell in addition to their taste buds.

Including fragrance in our wedding celebration will give it an alluring touch and immerses our guests in a memorable multisensory experience. These original suggestions, which range from fragrant floral arrangements and personalized favors to scented invitations, will fill the special day with lovely fragrances that bring back fond memories and feelings of love. Take advantage of the sensory-stimulating potential of aroma to make your wedding a truly unique celebration of your love story. We can’t wait to share photos when the big day arrives. Be apart of our planning process by following everything on Instagram and see how much fun we are having.