8 Bridal Beauty Tips for Before Your Wedding

Bridal self care

When we got engaged and planned for a 2 year engagement, I literally thought to myself, oh my lord, this is going to go by so slow. It took about a week to think to myself, this is actually going to be the best decision we have ever made. I decided that the first year was going to be committed to be strategic about how I was going to spend my time planning and more importantly preparing. Two very specific categories were at the fore front of my mind. Making my bridal party proposals special and looking and feeling my best. The later was beyond important. I found myself already starting to have anxiety about all eyes on me, engagement photos, dress fittings, feeling good in clothes, my skin, my hair and so much more. I had come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t a 23 year old bride but I wasn’t going to just sit around and not do whatever I could so that I could look and feel amazing.

Your wedding day is a special occasion that is filled with joy and priceless memories. As the approaching bride, you deserve to look and feel your absolute best on this great day. Put yourself first in the months before your wedding to ensure that you radiate confidence from the inside out. In this blog post, I’ll share what I focused on in regards to personal care that hopefully will help you embrace self-care and radiate beauty in the time leading up to your wedding.

Skincare: I would say I was at 50% when it came to skincare. Lots of products. No consistent routine. A facial when I felt I “earned it” and yes I occasionally would indulge in wine and sleep in a discusting layer of make up. Can anyone relate?

The minute that ring went on my finger, I committed to getting my skin on point. First I scheduled a monthly facial. The services ranged from microdermabrasion and micro needling with PRP treatments and then now I see an experienced esthetician who customizes my treatments monthly and really focuses on hydration. She is incredible. If you are local to Boca Raton, check out Skin by Nanci. She not only is the sweetest person I have ever met but she takes great pride in making sure she gives you the treatment you need for your skin. Next I created a consistent skincare routine to have a radiant, healthy complexion. In the morning and at night, wash your face, then tone , apply a hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and moisturizer. These serums and treatments are very important if you experience any specific skin problems, such as fine wrinkles, an uneven skin tone, or acne. To protect your skin from damaging UV radiation, I made sure to exfoliate once a week, and I also got a prescription for retinol which Nanci suggested for me to use every other day and to also wear sunscreen every day.

Hydration: Since beauty originates from inside, internal hydration is necessary to achieve the right bridal glow. I increased my water throughout the day to maintain my skin looking moisturized, plump, and youthful. Lots of times I would infuse fruits or herbs into my water for flavor and health benefits. Limit the amount of dehydrating beverages you consume, such as alcohol and coffee, and make an effort to drink at least eight glasses of water each day. So many people will wake up and grab their coffee. Remember your body just went 7-9 hours with zero hydration. Give it what it needs and drink some water with lemon, and a pinch of sea salt as soon as you wake up.

Healthy Eating: Feed your body with a well-balanced, nutrient-rich diet to support overall health and wellbeing. Your meals should contain a lot of lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and fresh proteins. For keeping healthy skin, hair, and nails, these meals’ vitamins and antioxidants are essential. Reduce your intake of processed foods, sweet snacks, and excess sodium because these things might dull you and promote inflammation. I start my day with my veggie green juice, then a protein filled smoothie along with eggs or yogurt. Ladies, you need to eat in the morning to fuel your brain, skin and body. When I would skip nutrition in the morning, I would drag around 3pm every single day. Don’t resort to energy drinks and coffee. Give your body what it needs. In weeks leading up to your wedding, remember to cut out salt and alcohol in order to reduce retention and bloating.

Activity and exercise: Stay active and fit regular exercise into your agenda. Exercise helps you to maintain a healthy weight while also enhancing your circulation, releasing endorphins, and bringing out your inherent beauty. Choose activities you enjoy, such as yoga, dance, or brisk walks, strength training to make it a pleasurable and enduring part of your pre-wedding routine. Try to engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate activity most days of the week. I made this my TOP priority. I take the puppies for a 1-2 mile walk both morning and night and I also knew that in order to change my body composition, I need to strength train. I never loved being in the gym lifting weights but I knew if I wanted to change how my body looked and felt, it was time to get back into it. I started going to Just Lift in Coral Springs. Nicole and her bad ass coaches truly changed everything for me. I found something I really enjoy because I am in a room full of amazing people with the same goals who consistently lift each other up. I became consistent, my back hurt less, my sleep got better, my confidence improved and my body started actually changing. I have now been going to class 5-6 days a week for 4 months. What originally started as wedding prep is now officially part of my every day.

Sleep: Prioritize obtaining enough sleep as part of your personal care routine. In order for your body to repair and regenerate, you must get adequate sleep. Establish a calming bedtime routine, stick to a consistent sleep schedule, and aim for 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Consider combining relaxing activities like reading, gentle stretching, or utilizing essential oils to help you unwind. With the help of exhausting my body at the gym, I easily fall asleep before 11. I try to stay off my phone, make the room pitch black and cool and I set my alarm for 7 every day to keep myself on schedule. It has made all the difference in the world.

Self care: Wedding planning can be fun but it can also take a toll on you. Controlling your stress is essential for ensuring your wellbeing. Find effective stress-relieving strategies, such as deep breathing exercises, meditation, or engaging in hobbies that you enjoy. Consider adopting self-care routines like taking baths, getting massages, or indulging in opulent cosmetic procedures to relax and rejuvenate. With working out so much, I make trigger point, lymphatic and wood therapy massages part of my monthly self care. It keeps the inflammation low in my body and with past back surgeries keeps the scar tissue and pain in check. I go to LA Massage by design in Coral Springs and see Lucy. She is incredible. She can assesses which areas are right and can help destress everything.

Hair: In the weeks leading up to your wedding, pay closer attention to your hair and nails. Find a hair stylist that stays up on education and will make suggestions based on how your hair is doing. Plan frequent haircuts to keep your hair healthy and free of split ends. Consider nourishing hair treatments or masks to improve shine and luster. Trish Vanzee did my hair for another wedding and we immediately connected. She helped me the entire first year of my engagement with suggestions on Instagram of what do after Covid and we created a plan. I now do nothing to my hair without her say. She is my go to and I am so excited to have someone I can trust with me on my wedding day. Do your research and find someone who will have your back when it comes to your hair. It can be scary and overwhelming. The joy of a long engagement gave me the chance to grow great friendships and people I can depend on.

Other: Some other areas to start lining up “your people” would be for your nails, makeup, spray tans, IVs and injections. You don’t want to just run to anyone when it comes to these areas. Get everything lined up in plenty of time for trials and to see if your personalities line up.

Because your wedding is a celebration of love and happiness, it’s imperative that you take care of yourself in the weeks and months prior to the event. You’ll not only look stunning if you follow these personal care suggestions, but you’ll also exude self-assurance and inner beauty. Remember to enjoy the voyage, take care of yourself, and cherish this era of change in your life. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and if you’d like to follow my wedding journey, come on over here.