Stop Fumbling When People Ask What Do You Do

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What do you do? When you get that question, do you freeze? Do you fumble? Do you get instantly nervous? What do you think about when trying to explain your direct sales business?  It is natural for people to exchange brief information about their business or job when they have just met. When it is time to introduce yourself and business,  you should really have a 30 second commercial or elevator speech memorized and ready to go.

I always tell my team just explain your passion for your business and it will come natural. This commercial SHOULD NOT be a memorized word for word script that you repeat like a robot. It is to help you feel comfortable and open the door to an on going on conversation. It should feel natural and easy and is ONLY meant to be a guide to allow for whoever you are speaking with to ask other questions.

How to create your direct sales business commercial

Not sure how to create your commercial for your business?  Here are some tips to help you hit just the right points for success.

  • Who are you?
  • Who is your company?
  • What does your company do to fill a need?
  • What makes this different?
  • Ask them to act now

Name: Hi. My name is Jill

Company: I am a top leader with Scentsy

What the Business Does to Fill Your Need: I help people fill homes & offices with our amazing fragrances and decorate their space with our unique warmers and other fragrant products. I’m the Joanna Gaines for candle warmers and wax. (A funny line that people can relate to)

What makes this different?  I started this business 9 years ago as a hobby and because of my love for a great smelling home, I have warmers all around my house on 24 hours a day. No Flame, No Soot, No Wick. Now what started as hobby has turned to friendships, travel, confidence and so much more.

Act now: Would you like to see a catalog to see how you can enjoy fragrance with our the risk of a flame or soot?  Even more fun a girls night where you guys can make your own?

How creating a story helps your Direct Sales Business

Once you open the door and gauge the interest for the product, you can then ask for Facebook information, a phone number or any way really that allows you to contact them or send them information.

Rather than just give a card, I always ask them to fill out one of my drawing slips, so I can follow up with them. This starts building that lasting relationship.

By crafting and memorizing your 30 second commercial or elevator speech to your specific needs, you will no longer be fumbling for the right words to say when meeting someone for the first time.

Create a few so that you can match the season or the event.