What is the Point of Twitter?

TwitterWhat Is The Point of Twitter?

I don’t get it. Well to be honest, I didn’t get it either. It didn’t make sense to me and was very fast paced. Right now we are behind the internet when it comes to marketing our businesses, so I knew if it was catching on especially with big businesses, I had to be missing something. Truth is, you need to have a Twitter account. Some people may not get the point but if you let people who have refused to understand this valuable platform persuade what you do, you will be missing out.

First, let’s take a minute and understand what Twitter is. I like to describe it to people as a world wide news bulletin platform. People from all over the world are communicating every second and the cool thing is, that you can decide what conversations you want to read about. You can “follow” particular people who when this is done will appear in your news feed as they are tweeting or you can search for a particular topic and you’ll see all the tweets on the particular subject.

You can enter anything from cooking, to your favorite movie star, social media, skateboarding. Whatever you wish and in seconds you’ll have a complete broadcast feed full of tweets posting about your desired topic.

What is the Point of Twitter? Who do I follow? What do I do?

Most people just starting out just follow people who interest them or who may tweet some cool information or quotes. If you look closely most people are posting links or cool blog posts. What does this sound like? You are right! It is the exact same idea as Pinterest. For some reason most consultants get Pinterest but they are still confused about Twitter. Well Pinterest is with pictures and Twitter is with posts. Exact same idea. Usually when I describe it to people this way, their reaction is, “Oh I get it now.”

Twitter is such a useful tool to grab content from so many people from all over the world. Need information about your business, your competition, education, social media? Plug in the word and everyone posting about that topic is right there. Many people just open an account because they are told to but never really understand how or what they are suppose to do with it. I always say, “Tweet YOU”. Have conversations and build relationships on twitter. Stay active and your twitter family will begin to grow. Use Twitter to inform people what is going on with your business, your life. People do business with people they trust and they trust you once they get to know you.

What is the point of Twitter? Hmm Still Seems Complicated.

Its’ not! Its’ not! Really! I promise!  Usually most of us jump on Google, Yahoo, or whatever search engine we favor to search for whatever we are looking for. Many people have no clue what to type in in order to search for what they need. Twitter allows you to do a search and start having relationships with people who are interested or looking for the same things. Interested in Mommy’s looking for a home business? Type that in Twitter. Immediately you just found hundreds of places or people tweeting about this topic.

Slowly you find tons of people you have things in common with. Remember we are always told, we are all connected? As your following started increasing you start to see how connected you really are. You talk to one person who connects you to another person and so on.

What is The Point of Twitter? Does It Really Give you Connections?

Prime example. Two years ago, I did a search on Twitter for Social Media. I started Re-Tweeting quotes and tweets from people that all surrounded Social Media. Not really thinking much of it or how to use Twitter, I began having conversations and meeting people and talking about Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook etc. Do you realize because of those conversations two years ago, I am now attending a huge social media conference in September as well as recently becoming a part of a program to get one on one coaching on the topic. It goes to show how fast you can build relationships with a platform like Twitter. It has opened huge doors and opportunity for me and it can for you as well. Instead of searching for hours for information that you need, Twitter gives you a constant stream of information provided for you by people like you. We all know the saying, “Surround yourself by like-minded people.” Twitter allows you do this.

What is The Point of Twitter? Do I Need It For My Business?

The answer is YES! You may not like all this social media mumbo jumbo, but the fact is Social Media is here to stay. The internet is at Jetsons speed and if you don’t jump on board, your business will be hanging out with the Flinstones.I use my Twitter for my Direct Sales business all the time. They love to hear about my Scentsy updates and the Business opportunity. Many of my top customers retweet my updates to all their followers. So now my updates just reaches a whole other group of people.

Take some time and play around with Twitter. It is actually pretty easy. Some people get confused with the hash tags, @ signs etc. They are all just searching tools. Looking for a topic? Put a hash tag in front of it. Looking for a person or business, put an @ sign in front of it. Build Relationships today for a growing business tomorrow. It truly is amazing what Twitter can do for you. Don’t miss the flight with the Jetsons!!!

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