Why You Need a Coach and I Don’t Mean Your Upline.

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Life Isn’t easy. We all want more. Most of the time, that doesn’t just mean material items. We can feel it in our bones that “we were made for more” as Rachel Hollis would say. Time moves quickly and often with so much pressure and things we need to get done, we spend out days simply feeling overwhelmed, anxious and trying to figure things out. We spend look at our to do list with no real progress, time wasted trying to figure things out and then feeling like we failed because we aren’t one step closer to our vision.

Of course, we move forward. We deal with adversity. We handle whatever comes our way because after reading every personal development book under the sun, we know we are meant to figure things out. The way we figure them out might be completely messy, horrible habits, lowering our bar and somehow we just stay in our comfort zones because that is simply easier than trying to ask one more question or get to the next level. After all with no guidance, we can see that most of what we spend time doing every single day is non productive and meaningless. Sound Familiar?

Why? Why do we accept that that is OK? So many of us join a direct sales business because we know its an amazing vehicle and it truly can build the life that we have envisioned however we are under this impression that the person we “sign up under” is suppose to have the end all be all answers to every question we ever ask. Truth be told, most of the people that are signing up are trying to figure out this “business thing” same as you. That’s the reason why a good life/business coach is so important.  They are an outside resource that can help us see things from a fresh perspective. We get so caught up in what we are doing, it is hard to see that there is an outside world beyond our current company or the possibility of operating in a completely different way.

What is a Life/Business Coach?

In sports, we hear about the most amazing coaches to some of the best athletes in the world. They shape some of our favorites into who they are today. When we’re talking about playing a sport, we know that if we listen to the playback of their life, there is a pretty amazing coach embedded in that story somewhere.

In business or in life, we often hear the word mentor. They help to guide us through some of life’s crazy adversity and set us on our path to reach our dreams. I know personally without my mentor it would have very difficult to see things from a fresh perspective and learn all the things I did in such a short time.

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But not all of us have access to mentors. Not all of us have been put in situations where those type of people are at our fingertips. But with a life or business coach, you don’t need to know someone who is rich or famous or at the top end of the food chain in a specific industry. All you need to do is seek out the help of someone you can relate too who can guide you through things and shorten the learning curve.

A life coach isn’t just a best friend. A business coach isn’t just someone who you work with and both of those are in most cases certainly NOT your upline. Your coach is someone who is there for you and can guide you thru life and business thru the most challenging times, who can get you to see things differently, tell you the truth when you need to hear it and most importantly keep you on track when you are about to make some of the most important decisions of your life or in your business.

Most of us are so set in our ways, that unless we have someone that can help us along the way, we keep making the same mistakes over and over again. It’s a quite an undertaking to do this by yourself. With that being said, here are the 9 reasons why you absolutely must have a life/business coach if you’re serious about succeeding in your business and more importantly growing as a person.

#1 — Inconsistent in Achieving Goals

For most people, achieving goals is hard. It’s not just the art of goal setting , but actually following up and being held accountable in the goals they set.  However, a coach can help you not only define your goals, but also to help you find powerful enough reasons for why you must achieve them in the first place.

Beyond than that? Your coach can offer you a fresh view on why you maybe haven’t been able to achieve your big goals in the pass, and how you can change things in your life to empower you rather than to continue holding you back. They also act as an accountability partner, there right by your side, step by step, to ensure you see things through.

#2 — Limiting Beliefs

Most of the time,  our subconscious minds, hold us back. We have limiting beliefs about ourselves. No matter how many affirmations we say, how many journals we write in, we just don’t believe what we are telling ourselves. Having a life/business coach is one of the number one ways to help you identify those limiting beliefs so that you can push forward rather than feeling left behind.

#3 — You Simply Don’t Know Where To Begin

Sometimes we just don’t know where to begin. We know we want to achieve success but the idea of taking that first step is crippling, mainly because most are completely fearful of failure.  Maybe it’s because we don’t feel like we deserve it or maybe it’s some other reason, but we just don’t know how or where to even begin.

Big Goals is overwhelming to some. It’s hard to get clear on things when you can’t even get past that feeling of helplessness and not knowing where to start. A coach can figure where you are and come up with baby step action steps that are not so overwhelming.

#4 — Anxiety And Stress Are Recurring Themes

Life can get stressful. Plain and simple. I know when I have repeatedly failed, let someone down or felt inconsistent, it was some of the most difficult times in my life.  I was depressed and I would hunker down into a dark black hole so that I wouldn’t have to deal with anything or anyone.   Having those constant emotions become a recurring theme in your life isn’t fun whatsoever.

When we take a look at the schedule of the average work at home mom or business owner, its easy to see why we get so stressed out or why we don’t achieve the things we want to. A life/business coach can help you move past those disheartening emotions and give you an idea of things you can accomplish so that you feel amazing.

#5 — No Clear Vision

Sometimes we feel like we’re living our lives according to what everyone else wants.  We have goals, but they’re not what we really want. Because of that, we lack a clear vision. We’re so confused, being pushed and pulled in every direction that we just can’t see what it is that we should be doing that would really make us happy.

Coaches can help you cut thru the noise and help you figure out exactly what you want to be working towards.   . This is one of the best parts of having a coach on your side, giving you the extra confidence boost you need to go after what you really want and actually point you in the direction of exactly how to get there.

#6 — The Passion You Once Had For your Business Is Gone

I once lost passion in my life and in my work. It has actually happened more than one. Certainly not the conversation I wanted to have with my upline.  But during those times, I can honestly say I learn the most about myself. When you lose  that spark for life or for business, you need someone there to help move you along. You need someone to help identify the issues that you’ve faced and the upshots in your past that have led you to where you are today. Without that, it’s hard to get that passion back and set you back on the right track.

#7 — You Get Easily Sidetracked By Time-Wasters

It’s easy to get sidetracked in life. We have bad habits that are hard to quit and it’s difficult to manage our time to make progress. Often, we’re stuck spinning our wheels. I know I feel that way sometimes. But, those time-wasters can completely stop anything good from happening and make you unable to have any forward moving progress.

Coaches aren’t just there to help you achieve your goals, but they’re also there to help you improve your life and make progress in your business. This includes things like your habits. Considering that habits make up 45% of our behavior, good habits offer a pathway to achieving all those amazing goals you have set in the first place.

#8 — Your Friends And Family Aren’t Supporting Your Dreams

It’s hard to stay focused on your goals when you don’t have the support of people around you. When your friends and your family members aren’t supporting your dreams, it’s easy to give up. It’s easy to just feel less than and totally lose sight of what you are trying to achieve. When we’re so busy dealing with negativity from all around us, how are we supposed to make progress and move forward?

Having a coach there for me no matter what helped me cut out the noise, even when that noise was family members who weren’t cheering me on. Although it’s not free, it is well worth it to have someone by your side. The experience and knowledge of  coaches are invaluable tools that can catapult us to achieving our dreams.

#9 — You’re Completely Lost And Feel Like All Hope Is Gone

Even with so many things going right, I can honestly tell you, there have been many times in the last 3 years that I have lost all hope. It has been so bad, that I have wanted to shut down my social media, quit my businesses and move. I was lost, drowning and even with close friends and people who love you, you just feel like you have no purpose. When you feel like that, you can’t even focus on getting through the day, let alone moving closer to your goals. When you have a business and or life coach, they can help you see what you are bring to the table, what you have too offer, they can set you in motion and put you back on a path that gets you excited again.

This becomes, not just an option, but a necessity. If you  feel like a failure or unable to accomplish anything, you need to do more than read a blog post or watch an empowering video. You need someone there by your side. You need someone who can help you from not just spinning your wheels but can set you on your course and give you action steps that help you feel productive every single day.

Invest in yourself. Find group coaching, private coaching, business coaching, any time of training outside of the company you have joined. In fact if you have joined a direct sales business, they should encourage you to constantly be looking for coaching, training and support that can help you and guide you. It is worth the investment to have structure and someone to keep you on the path you were meant for. All of us need that. All of us need help to stay our course and be reminded that we were made for more.

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